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BMW M54 DISA Repair Kit

G.A.S. BMW M54 DISA Valve Repair and Upgrade Kit

The BMW DISA valve, otherwise know as the "Intake Manifold Adjuster Unit" is located on the side of the intake manifold and opens and closes depending on engine RPM and throttle position. Due to the materials used in the original design, the valve internals can wear out prematurely. If a worn out DISA valve is not replaced or repaired, pieces of the valve can eventually break apart, travel through the intake manifold and into the engine, where they can cause severe engine damage. Symptoms included rough idle, lean engine codes, reduced engine performance and a rattling noise from the intake manifold area. Don't take a chance, check out our long term solution to this common problem.

BMW M54 DISA Repair Kit

G.A.S. BMW M54 DISA Gold Valve

The DISA "Gold Valve" is a brand new OEM BMW DISA valve with the G.A.S. upgrade kit already professionally installed by same team that designed and manufactures the kit. No worries, no hassles, with the DISA "Gold Valve" you are 5 minutes and 2 screws away from the most reliable DISA valve on the planet!

BMW M54 DISA Repair Kit

G.A.S. BMW DISA Housing O-Rings

The DISA housing seal on the M54 is molded into the housing and BMW doesn't offer a replacement. Fortunately the molded in seal is easily removed with a small flat blade screwdriver. We offer several different grades of replacement o-ring seals for the M54 DISA.