G.A.S. BMW M54 CCV System Replacement Kit


German Auto Solutions has finished development of a long term replacement solution to the infamous BMW M54 CCV (Crankcase Controlled Ventilation) system. This system is notorious for a variety of failures, the most common of which is oil sludge induced clogging.

A clogged CCV will cause excessive oil consumption resulting in reduced spark plug, O2 sensor and catalytic convertor life. Excessive oil consumption can also result in reduce power and fuel economy due to retarded ignition timing, caused by carbon deposit induced pre-ignition. Complete clogging of the oil separator section can cause excess crankcase pressure and can even rupture the plastic valve cover. Failure of the CCV vacuum regulator could result in oil being sucked up from the oil pan into the intake manifold resulting in hydro-lock, a condition that can easily destroy an engine.

The stock CCV unit is located underneath the intake manifold and is very difficult to access for replacement. Replacing the CCV can be an entire day job and cost up to $320.00 depending on how much of the system you replace. The worst thing about replacing the stock CCV unit with another OEM unit, is that you will probably need to replace it again several more times during the life of your BMW. We have heard of BMW owners replacing their CCV as many as three times in three years.

The problem is a combination of the OEM design coupled with the location and non-serviceability of the CCV unit. As your BMW gets older it generates more blow by gasses which carry more oil through the CCV system. The oil that separates out of the blow by gasses in the CCV unit, tend to thicken into a thick gooey sludge (especially in cold weather) that clogs up the oil return path to, and through the dip stick tube and back to the oil pan. Once the system clogs, it's no longer able to remove oil from the blowby gases and keep the engine crankcase at the required constant vacuum level.

The lack of blowby gas evacuation promotes quicker engine oil contamination, and the lack of crankcase vacuum can reduce piston oil ring sealing which causes even more oil consumption.

The German Auto Solutions CCV system will be priced similar to a complete OEM system, be mounted on top of the stock oil filter housing and will replace the factory oil filter cap. Once installed, the bottom section of the unit remains in place and acts as a mounting platform for the oil separator and vacuum regulator. All that is required is the removal of three 6mm Allen screws to change your oil filter and service the CCV unit. The oil separator comes off as a separate unit and will be easy to inspect and clean during a routine oil change.

Since the oil separator sits directly on top of the oil filter and is bathed in engine oil, the entire CCV unit runs at engine temperature which will eliminate any of the freezing failures of the factory BMW unit. The G.A.S. CCV also eliminates all the failure prone factory plastic hoses with an aluminum manifold and replaces the factory rubber oil drain back hose with a higher quality hose that should last the life of the vehicle. The kit will also come with a long flexible brush to clean the inside of the drain back back hose and a complete set of spare o-ring seals. Our latest revision now includes a unique "secondary" oil recovery section that allows it to recover substantially more oil from the blowby gases then even a brand new BMW CCV. Like all German Auto Solutions products this CCV replacement system will be of the highest quality and manufactured 100% here in the USA.

All components of the G.A.S. CCV assembly will be serviceable and have replacement parts readily available. The pictures on the left show our revision-8 CAD models. This product has been almost three years in development, including wet and dry flow bench testing along with extensive in vehicle testing.

I have received many e-mails asking about the selling price of the our CCV replacement system. The initial price is going to be $379.00. We initially hoped to bring the kit to market at $299.00 but after adding up all the material and hardware costs, the machining time, and manual labor time, we have determined that $379.00 is the absolute lowest price that we are able to sell the complete kit for and still make some profit. Once anyone has seen the entire system with all of its components in person we think they will feel that the kit is an extremely good value for the price. Each customer will have to decide for them self what it is worth to eliminate all of the nagging problems and potential engine damage that come with the OEM CCV design.

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German Auto Solutions M54 CCV Replacement System

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