Beisan M52tu-M54 Performance VANOS Seal Kit

Beisan Systems M52tu-M54 VANOS Seal Kit

Do you own a BMW 6-cylinder vehicle with an M52tu, M54 or M56 engine? If so then your VANOS, (engine variable valve timing unit), is most likely failing. These VANOS units have been consistently diagnosed to fail due to deteriorating piston seal O-rings. The O-rings are made of a material that is failing in the engine environment. This causes the VANOS piston seals to lose their sealing function and for the VANOS unit to fail.

Seal failure is a common problem with the M52tu and M54 VANOS units. Degrading seals can cause loss of power below 3000 rpm, cold start idling issues and increased fuel consumption. BMW does not offer the VANOS seals separately. It sells rebuilt VANOS units for ~$500. New rebuilt VANOS units are supplied with the same failing O-rings and have been found to significantly fail in 20k miles (32k kilometers).

The Beisan Systems VANOS rebuild kit incorporates upgraded O-rings to address the failure mode and replacement Teflon sealing rings. Restore your engines original performance and save a bunch of money by repairing your VANOS unit instead of replacing it.

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This is an involved D.I.Y. procedure. Make sure that you preview the instructions link and feel comfortable with the procedure before you purchase the kit.

Link to Beisan Systems Seal Kit Installation Instruction.

Beisan Systems M52tu-M54 VANOS Seal Kit

Before you purchase the VANOS Seal Kit make sure that you have:

Price: $60.00