G.A.S. BMW E60-E90 Series Control Arm Bushing Removal Tool

G.A.S. E39- E60-E90 Series Control Arm Bushing Removal Tool

Caution: This tool is designed to remove OEM BMW rubber bushings and install the G.A.S. Monoball Kit! It is NOT designed for, and DOES NOT work for, installing OEM BMW rubber bushings!

Before German Auto Solutions released our BMW control arm bushing removal tool, the only way to remove or replace the factory rubber control arm bushings was to fully remove the control arms from the vehicle and then find a place to have the bushings pressed out. This not only required a special tool to separate the control arm from the steering knuckle, but also meant vehicle down time and the extra expense of paying a shop to press out the bushings.

That is no longer a problem because we have designed and manufactured a custom tool specifically to remove the OEM bushings while the control arms are still on the vehicle. This tool can be used to remove the factory rubber bushings in order to install the German Auto Solutions monoball solid ball joint upgrade kit.

We offer this tool for purchase or as a rental. You can purchase the tool for $179.00 or rent it for a $29.00 fee plus a $150.00 refundable security deposit. If you purchase a G.A.S. monoball suspension upgrade kit the tool can ship with your monoball kit order to save on shipping cost.

This unique tool is only available from German Auto Solutions and will save you considerable time and money.

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G.A.S BMW Control Arm Bushing Removal Tool Rental

G.A.S. BMW E60-E90 Bushing Removal Tool Rental

$29.00 + $196.00 Security Deposit

Price: $225.00

G.A.S. BMW E39 Bushing Removal Tool Rental

$29.00 + $196.00 Security Deposit

Price: $225.00