BMW E39 Series G.A.S. Monoball Suspension Upgrade Kit

German Auto Solutions E39 540i, E39 M5 Monoballs

German Auto Solutions is proud to announce the release of our solid ball joint monoball suspension upgrade kit for the for the E39 Series BMWs. Our kit replaces the stock rubber bushings in the front control arms with sealed, solid ball joints. By installing our monoball suspension kit E39 owners will receive a significant handling improvement via more precise steering control and improved steering feedback. Monoballs also ensure that toe and camber settings are retained under high cornering loads which would otherwise cause the stock rubber bushings to deflect.

This performance suspension upgrade consists of new BMW sealed "M-Car" solid ball joints, CNC machined anodized aluminum ball joint carrier housings, stainless steel mounting collars and your choice of stainless steel or titanium fasteners.

Like all G.A.S. products, our monoball kit components are CNC machined in the U.S.A. to exacting tolerances. We believe that you will not find a higher quality E90 monoball kit anywhere else at any price! Read why our monoball kit is very best available and see unsolicited customer feedback.

The kit includes two monoball ball joint assemblies with the stainless steel bushings already pressed in, two tubes of Loctite sleeve locking compound, Loctite primer/activator, Scotch-Brite pad for cleaning of control arm bore and two replacement OEM BMW control arm lock nuts. Preview installation instructions.

Before the G.A.S. monoball kit was released the two reasons E39 owners most often gave for not purchasing a monoball kit were the high price (as much as $750.00) and the need to fully remove the control arms from the vehicle to have the factory rubber bushings pressed out. G.A.S. has addressed the first issue by cutting the price to less than 1/2 the price of some competing monoball kits and the second issue by designing and manufacturing a custom tool specifically to remove the OEM bushing while the control arms are still on the vehicle. We offer this tool as a rental for a $29.00 fee plus a refundable security deposit and it can ship out with your Monoball purchase. This unique tool is only available from German Auto Solutions and will save you considerable time and money. Find out more about this custom tool.

The G.A.S. Monoball Kit is available preinstalled into a brand new pair of Lemforder BMW control arms. If you need to replace the entire control arms because of worn ball joints, this is the only way to go! New control arms option includes the cost of two new Lemforder control arms plus labor for pressing out the factory rubber bushings, prepping the control arms for Monoball installation and installation of the G.A.S. Monoball Kit.

If your E39 has more than 60K miles on it, and you still have the original rubber bushings, it's probably time to replace them. Why spend the money on new mushy rubber bushings when you can replace them with G.A.S. Monoballs.

Now that you know about German Auto Solutions ultra low price and available bushing removal rental tool, there is no longer any excuse for not having this High Quality suspension upgrade on your BMW.

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G.A.S E39 540i, E39 M5 Monoball Kit


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G.A.S. BMW E39 Monoball Kit

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