German Auto Solutions BMW M54 DISA Gold Valve

Do you like the idea of the popular G.A.S. "DISA Repair & Upgrade Kit", but do not feel comfortable with installing the kit yourself. Maybe you prefer to start with a brand new DISA valve for the ultimate in reliability and would like to save money over the cost of the DISA valve and Upgrade Kit when purchased separately. Or maybe you just don't have time to fool around with it and want a 5 minute solution to all your DISA problems. Which ever it is, German Auto Solutions has you covered.

The DISA "Gold Valve" is a brand new OEM BMW DISA valve (intake manifold adjuster unit), with the G.A.S. upgrade kit already professionally installed by same team that designed and manufactures the kit. The DISA "Gold Valve" offers as an option, an indestructible, top of the line, flourosilcone O-ring installed in place of the molded in stock housing seal. The "Gold Valve" flapper valve is anodized a distinctive gold color to set it apart visually from a standard or "kitted" DISA valve. No worries, no hassles, with the DISA "Gold Valve" you are 5 minutes and 2 screws away from the most reliable DISA valve on the planet!

The German Auto Solutions DISA Gold Valve saves you $15.00 over the cost of a new OEM DISA and upgrade kit when purchased seperately, plus the labor of installing the kit is free. Don't miss out on the best and easiest solution to the self destructing DISA problem.

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German Auto Solutions M54 DISA Gold Valve

BMW has raised the retail price of the OEM DISA Valve to $399.00. Since we purchase OEM BMW DISA Valves to make our "Gold Valves" we have been forced to adjust our prices accordingly

Before you purchase the DISA Gold Valve make sure that you have:

Price: $429.00 - $439.00

The German Auto Solutions - DISA Gold Valve Warranty

The kit is 100% returnable for a full refund in uninstalled condition for any reason, no questions asked!

All German Auto Solutions manufactured internal parts are warranted for the life of the vehicle. The OEM DISA housing is warranted for one year from the date of purchase.