This Month's G.A.S. Specials

German Auto Solutions will be releasing their Mono Ball High Performance Solid Ball Joint Replacement Kit for the E60 front upper control arms shortly. Don't miss out on our introductory price of $379.00 for the complete kit. This is nearly half the price of competitive products with quality that is second to none.

Due to the popularity of our DISA Repair Kit and Coolant Cap Combo we are making this a permanent special offering!
Save your DISA Valve, save your Cooling System and Save Money! What more could you ask for?

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Unsolicited Feedback response of the week!

I ordered your DISA repair kit and within an hour I received an e-mail saying it was shipping. Received it within 3 days, it was very easy to install and the directions are excellent. Now to the best part, the quality of the parts. They are of the highest quality I have ever seen in a auto part they look like something you would see where jet aircraft are built, and all for $80. To say I am happy with your company is an understatement.

New Products

G.A.S News

German Auto Solutions late 2014 Update

So far 2014 has been a hectic year for German Auto Solutions. We have seen a constant growth in our sales volume which has required us to spend most of our efforts keeping inventory on the selves, training new employees, implementing new inventory control software and streamlining our shipping procedures. All of the above is why you haven't seen any of our new products released yet. I'm am happy to say that a lot of those growing pains are behind us now and late 2014, and especially 2015, look very promising for many new product releases.

New Employee Announcement

We are very happy to welcome Katy Steele to our team. After several attempts to fill a key position at G.A.S. with the right person, we have finally struck gold with Katy. Katy will be managing our shipping and inventory control as well as taking phone orders and handling much of our customer support. If you need anything or have any questions please give us a call or e-mail us and Katy will see that it's taken care of.

German Auto Solutions has purchased an N52 B3.0 for product development.


German Auto Solutions will soon be manufacturing Cam & VANOS timing tool kits for the BMW N52 & N54 engines.

Consistent with our previous tool kits, our N52-N54 kits will be 100% CNC machined in the USA, hold better than OEM tolerances, and will be the most cost effective kits on the market.

We will also be releasing a high quality permanent fix for the "Snapping aluminum head bolt problem" around the same time as the tool kit. Like our other kits, the N52-N54 kits will also be available on a rental basis.

German Auto Solutions is now renting tool kits!

Even though our Tool Kits are the most cost effective on the market, we realize that not everyone is prepared to purchase a complete tool set that they may only need to use once.

If you fall into that category you be happy to know that you can now rent our top quality tool kits. Our rental rates are competitive and our deposit prices are considerably less than our competitors.

E39 & E46 Camber Plates in prototype stage.

German Auto Solutions will soon be offering high quality replacement upper strut bearing/camber plates for the BMW E39 and E46.

First to be released will be a "Better than OEM" quality non-adjustable upper strut bearing assembly with a fixed offset to correct camber errors resulting from the installation of front lowering springs. These "Drop In" replacements for the OEM units will automatically restore the camber to stock settings when running lowering springs.

Second to be released will be fully adjustable units for those who wish to alter their camber spec to performance street or track settings. These units will also include high end bearings and replaceable polyurethane bearing pads to fine tune ride quality.

Both versions will be CNC machined to the high quality you have come to expect from German Auto Solutions, at prices you are going to love.

G.A.S. CCV Replacement Solution

We sincerely apologize for the delay in releasing this product. The delay has not been related to any design issues, but has been solely a lack of time issue. Our continued growth has required us to concentrate on keeping inventory in stock and making sure that we continually offer the highest level of customer support. The CCV replacement is at the most labor intensive stage of its development which is programming and machining the many individual components that make up the system. We cannot offer any release date on this yet but we can assure you that the product has not been forgotten.

BMW e60 upper control arm ball joints

E60 Mono Ball Replacements for the Rubber Front Upper Control Arm Bushings.

German Auto Solutions is proud to announce another high quality and affordable upgrade product. Our solid ball joint mono ball replacement for the stock rubber E60 upper front control arm bushing is in the testing stage and you should see product for sale by late November.

This performance suspension upgrade consists of new BMW sealed "M-Car" solid ball joints, CNC machined anodized aluminum carrier sleeves, stainless steel mounting collars and your choice of stainless steel or titanium fasteners. By replacing the stock rubber bushings with our solid ball joints E60 owners will receive a significant handling improvement via more precise steering control and improved steering feedback.

G.A.S. will also make available for rental a pressing tool to remove the stock rubber bushings without the need to remove the entire control arm from the car to have a shop press the stock bushing out. As usual these are very high quality pieces that are machined to exacting tolerances and will include a link to a very detailed instruction page. Introductory pricing will be in the $379.00 range for the complete kit and a $30.00 rental fee for the tool. Titanium fasteners will be an extra charge.


Light Weight Billet Standard & Under drive Pulley Sets

Our German Auto Solutions machine shop has over 15 years experience manufacturing billet aluminum supercharger and accessory pulleys. We have supplied tens of thousands of pulleys to automotive performance companies though out the USA and Australia. With all that experience, it only seemed logical that we would make our own line of BMW Billet Performance Pulleys for our German Auto Solutions customers.

Our first offerings will be OEM size, and Under drive size sets for the BMW E46 and E39 platforms. These pulleys sets, like all G.A.S. machined products, will be 100% CNC machined here in the U.S. from top grade aerospace aluminum alloy. The pulleys will anodized gloss black to prevent wear and corrosion. Other colors may be available depending on demand.


M62 Cam Timing Tool Kits

Our M62 Cam Timing Tool Kits have been shipping for almost a year now and we have received a ton of very positive feedback on the quality and ease of use of these kits. We are selling a lot of our tool kits to independent BMW service shops and they are loving them. These shops need a lot of expensive specialty tools and love it when we can save them money without sacrificing quality!

Just like our M54 kits, our M62 tools are a "Top of the Line" product. They are 100% precision CNC machined in the USA, more accurate than the OEM BMW tools, and much less expensive than any competitive kit on the market. Complete "step-by-step" instructions for using the tools now in the DIY section of the website.


German Auto Solutions 1.2 bar Coolant Caps

German Auto Solutions Coolant Caps have been selling for over a year now with nothing but positive feedback and not a single problem. Zero failures and zero overheating issues.

Based on our testing, the G.A.S. coolant cap is calibrated to a 1.2 bar venting pressure, which should drastically reduce the chance of cooling system ruptures. Our caps have 100% OEM BMW internals and a billet aluminum, anodized and engraved top cap. These caps will not only reduce the chance of cooling system failure, but will be a nice "Dress Up" item as well.


M54 Cam Timing Tool Kits

Under $100.00 Personal Grade Kit.
Under $230.00 Professional Grade Kit.

Our M54 Cam Timing Tool Kits have been selling well and receiving nothing but positive reviews.

The G.A.S M54 Cam Tools are 100% precision CNC machined in the USA. Complete "step-by-step" instructions for using the tools and properly setting cam timing are in the DIY section of the website. Why rent when you can own for the same cost?


Beisan Systems VANOS Seal Kits

German Auto Solutions is now stocking the Beisan Systems VANOS seal repair kits for the BMW M54 engines. This is currently the only solution out there for the problem of degrading VANOS piston seals.


DISA "Gold Valves" Now Shipping

For those who want an easy and permanent solution to the DISA valve problems, we offer a brand new OEM DISA Valve with the "G.A.S. Upgrade kit" already installed!


DISA Valve Repair & Upgrade Kits

We have sold about 5,000 of our popular German Auto Solutions BMW M54 DISA Valve repair and upgrade kits and have yet to verify a single failure. These are by far the highest quality kits on the market and the positive feedback from our customers never stops flowing. We have kits for the 2.2, 2.5 and 3.0 liter M54 engines.


DISA Valve Housing O-rings

German Auto Solutions has replacement O-rings in stock for the BMW M52-tu and M54 engines. Our O-rings are available in 3 different grades.